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Our organizations members are drawn from every ethnic and cultural background, age group, and economic level. We have hundreds of requests for help every week, each situation unique in its own right. Without generous donors such as yourself, we would never be able to help fulfill their needs. For that we truly thank you!

With Causes Connects Those Who Need Help with Those That Want to & Can Help  

The individuals and non profit organizations that are supported by your donations include many worthy causes worldwide. As a donor to With Causes, you will experience what it feels like to make a difference in the world. Your donation will change the lives of many people who are less fortunate and need some help getting their lives on track. When you donate through the With Causes Charitable Network, you act on your commitment to the support of numerous nonprofits that specialize in all sorts of life changing causes. Combine the changes your help will support, with a fair market tax deduction, and donating directly through the With Causes really makes sense.

Hope Chest For Kids Guitars in the Classroom

"Causes" your Charitable Donations Directly Benefit Include:
Children, Family Service, Youth Development, Orphanages, Homeless families and individuals.
Direct equipment and financial support for disadvantaged, underemployed, elderly & disabled.
Family and Patient Support for those with a Serious Illness. Medical Research and Disease Treatment.
Educational Programs, Arts, Music in classrooms, Computer labs and other Education Services.
Animal Rights, Humane Society, Wildlife Conservation groups, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Promotion and support of faiths and religious causes and charitable organizations.
Housing Development, Community Revitalization & many Multipurpose Human Services Charity Organizations

The With Causes Charitable Organization membership is ever growing. As an exercise of service to others, a growing body of volunteers and affiliates who give freely of their time and efforts that comprise much of our organization. This allows us to give more freely and abundantly by fulfilling far more needs throughout communities than would otherwise be possible.