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In this endeavor, With Causes Charitable Organization is dedicated to providing assistance where there is none. We are often asked “Who is With Causes?” and “Why do you do what you do?”

Who is the With Causes Charitable Organization?

With Causes Charitable network recognizes the needs of others, both great and small. It is the recognition of any individuals ability to ease the burden of his fellow man and the determination to do so that fuels With Causes

The majority of our endeavor is run by people much like you. It could be a single parent that had at one time needed assistance and found it, wanting now to give back. It could be an individual thankful for their health and the health of their loved ones wanting only to provide aid and comfort to others less fortunate than themselves. It could be a past offender wishing to make a positive change in their lives by devoting themselves to the service of others. It could also be a survivor of a military conflict wishing to assist others in similar circumstances. Or quite simply it could be an individual who recognizes the value and rewards in their own lives of easing the burden of a child in need, a family without a meal or an elderly person in need of medical care but unable to afford it. We are all of those things.

Not typical of most charitable Organizations, Giving Center and their affiliates in the With Causes Charitable Network stand for those of us with a desire to help suppor the needs of those less fortunate.

Our Charitable and benevolent programs and services include:
Educational Causes
Assistance for battered women and children
Pediatric care financial assistance
Direct giving programs to families in need
Assistance for the elderly
Assistance to other Charitable Organizations
Active military and veterans assistance

Imagine if you will a Charitable organization that first recognizes our first responsibility is to you the Donor. When doing so better assists us in completing our mission to assist those in need it becomes of the utmost importance to focus our efforts on creating a lasting relationship of giving with our benefactors. A relationship that serves the needs of those giving charitably and helping to meet the needs of those in our communities unable to find any meaningful assistance elsewhere. We are directed in faith to seek out the poor and disenfranchised.
We are given the means to minister to those we find. Please read our Mission statement to learn more..