The With Causes Charitable Organization Testimonials

With Causes Charitable network recognizes the needs of others, both great and small. It is the recognition of any individuals ability to ease the burden of his fellow man and the determination to do so that fuels With Causes. Below is a quick sample of some testimonials that were sent to us from donors, nonprofits, children and their families. We invite you to send your testimonial so we can post here as well.

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Words of Praise and Thanks

Thank you Car Donation

Thank You!

God Bless you for being so special

Thank you so much for making my family your priority. It has meant the world to my mom to have a decent car. You, Cameron + the rest of the team have really changed her life and given her a new chance.

Thank you - Carol

Eli Thank You

Thanks a bunch for the wheelchair!

It’s helped me so much. Now I can really get around school.

It has all sorts of cool stuff. If I pull a lever I can pivot my chair without moving the base. And it’s fast! Really zippy! Not to mention that it reclines super far back. It also has great back support. It takes someone with a really big heart to do that. I think that this has shown me the true definition of kindness.

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Rayburn Family Laptop

Thanks for the Laptop!

Thank you so much for the laptop computer you provided for Zeke. It has been very helpful for him and I'm sure will continue to be helpful for a long time.

I've included a picture of Zeke + his dad with the computer. Michael is wearing his uniform that he wore while deployed to Iraq. He returned safe in September. Thank you again! Sincerely - the Rayburn Family

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Sgt Garcia Laptop Donation

Thank You for the Laptop

I Sgt Garcia am very grateful for this learning tool that I have desperately needed to advance my military career.

This laptop will also help me keep in touch with my wife Janette and my kids. This is very important to keep me motivated and have a watchful eye in dangerous situations so I can come home safe to my family. Thank you for your wonderful program and donation.

Sincerely - Sgt Sergio Garcia

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“To us, Giving Center is a reminder that we're all connected and that we're all individuals.”

When we think of other peoples lives as linked to our own, our empathy grows. They've demonstrated an amazing ability to help build a brighter and better future for our country. Important to us -- Giving Center pays special attention to the root causes of challenges our nation faces and addresses these in significant and measurable ways.

As soon as we think outside of ourselves and work collectively, we've got the capability to influence the condition of all. You might have experienced in your own life a time when people reached out and helped you. For us, Giving Center is the ideal method to help the most people and we are proud to have donated 3 houses from our portfolio.

Mr. & Mrs. Williams

We thank you for your generous contribution to Koinonia Foster Homes, Inc. We appreciate special friends like you that enable us to make a difference in the lives of our children.

Marti Nichols

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