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With Causes - Mission and Goals

There are many powerful charitable institutions that have a proprietary interest in the continued existence of the problems of those less fortunate, the denial of the common sense solutions not based on governmental welfare programs, and the portrayal of low-income people as victims in need of defense and rescue. It is simply Big Business. Many of these Charitable groups are hostile to programs such as ours, because the offering of simple and much more effective assistance with long term effects rather than just a “band aid” to a problem undermines their profiteering efforts.

We Do What is RIGHT, Not what is PROFITABLE

Yes, we like to do things a bit differently. Instead of billboards we offer housing assistance. Instead of a radio jingle we provide free computers for furthering the education of our youth. Instead of costly pay-per-click internet ads we offer meals to those unable to provide food for their families. We minister to these needs in faith and with a firm commitment to do what is right. Not what is profitable.

Government agencies and large, state-funded nonprofits running social programs judged only by their stated intent, rather than by their often misreported results, also do little or nothing to feed shelter and clothe the less fortunate. These organizations cultivate dependency on their programs rather than focusing on real solutions to real needs.

The With Causes Charitable Network focuses on much more responsible, creative and unconventional-but-effective programs to lift people in need out of those circumstances.

“The practice of charity will bind us. Will bind all men in one great brotherhood.”